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Personal Development Mentoring Session- Mayur Shah

Personal Development Mentoring Session- Mayur Shah

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Mayur Shah is a Leading Teacher trained by Dr & Master Sha for the last 12+ years.  As the successful owner of a fashion business, Mayur brings his passion for connecting, growing, and supporting others to his work with Master Sha. Having experienced powerful transformations in his own life through these teachings and wisdom, it is Mayur’s greatest desire to help others do the same - to overcome their greatest challenges and create a successful life.

The highest transformation of life is possible through life guidance.

Personal Development Mentoring Session with Mayur Shah can help you to become more aligned and connected to your soul, heart, mind, body and light your path to health, happiness, vitality, loving relationships, and more.   

It is important to receive guidance or the reason why something has occurred to you or you are waiting at crossroads and do not know which path to take. 

It is the most unique chance to receive help to move forward in your life and soul journey by bringing clarity, greater inner peace and answers to important questions such as the purpose of your life. 

To receive deep sacred wisdom, knowledge, insights, guidance, practical tools & techniques for your personal or loved one’s challenges will bring the greatest life transformation and support in your life and spiritual journey. 

Specialities: Business Development/Coaching, Career, Financial Growth, Relationships, Personal Development, Optimal levels of Health, life path, and well-being.

Fee: The fee is for 2 sessions of 1 hour each and receive 3rd session free.

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